The 7-Foot Cat Tree, Abundance, Surrender & Being In The Flow


I have coveted this 7-foot, $450 cat tree for four years.

Nine years ago, I left my marriage with $150,000 of marital debt and our marital home being foreclosed on by two different entities. My credit score was in the toilet. I was an all-around financial mess and was told there were no legal options available to me to get out from under this disaster.

When I left, my daughter was three and I had a second three-year-old due home any day.

I had nothing.

I took nothing from my marital home.

I drove my daughter to my parents home three hours away and commuted to work weekly, telling no one I’d left as my son’s adoption was four years in the works and almost complete. A separation at that stage would have ended everything.

I lived in silence and secrecy for another year and a half until he was home and all legal aspects of his adoption were complete — and then I started divorce proceedings.

I vividly and fondly remember my new life taking shape — my first night in my own apartment with my kids as a single working mom.

I still couldn’t believe after 14 years I’d finally escaped my marriage. I was ecstatic, hopeful, happy, and scared all at the same time.

I had no idea if or how I would survive financially.

Soon after getting settled into our new home and seeing how my finances would play out, I decided to stop using credit cards.

I was determined to live within my means and to escape the bondage of not just my marital debt, but my lifelong spending habits and shopping addictions.

By late 2015, I was settled into my new life, secure, and able to start traveling again. Someway, somehow, the money for every trip I desired always came exactly when needed and in the perfect increments.

Around that time, Source told me to stop checking my bank account, as I was safe and taken care of. I did as guided, periodically checking my account just to make sure all transactions were mine and to pay bills.

Next, I was guided to stop returning things when shopping. Not a big shopper at that point, never having enjoyed the energy of malls and shopping online only when needed, always a good bargain hunter, it was clear when things didn’t work, I was just to donate them or give them away.

A year later, my children and I each made a small “keep” pile on our beds and two non-profit organizations came to our home and took everything we owned in preparation for our move to our conscious community.

I remember thinking, “Thank you for blessing me with the money to purchase all these things…someone clearly needs it more than me! I have so much, let me share it willingly and lovingly with others!”

Next, I noticed every time I went to an event with a sliding scale or asking for love donations, I was guided to give the maximum amount.

“Thank you for sharing your gifts with me…you have blessed me with your service and I am blessed financially, thank you for letting me share my blessings with you!”

In a meditation at the beginning of the summer, I was out in the cosmos, floating in the stars, when Source told me all my blocks to abundance had been removed. I was in the middle of the Universe and money was coming at me from everywhere. After that, people started giving me money and trades of all kinds and, literally, checks for unknown reasons started showing up in the mail.

Strange situations were also showing up that were costing me money. Every time something came up, I said thank you to the Universe for allowing me to be a source of abundance for those who need it and always giving more than was asked.

Finally, after witnessing my abundance taking flight, I decided it was time for the completely frivolous purchase of the epic cat toy I had coveted for so long, and I went on Amazon for my splurge.

When I hit the “buy now” button, I was informed it was a three-month wait. What?? Three months, Universe, really??

What happened to my perfect flow, complete surrender, and total abundance?! AUGH!

Eventually, I just let it go knowing whatever was meant to be would happen.

A few days later, I was passing by a PetSupermarket when I remembered I needed dog toys for an exercise I do with my students so I popped in to get them. I noticed “Moving Sale!” posters all over the windows and when I walked in — there was my 7-foot, $450 cat tree for only $225.

What, Universe?! Half the price? Yay! Thank you!

Now, can it fit in my car?

Chris Del Vesco Cat TreeAs the manager, employee, and I are disassembling my car to fit the monstrosity, I was moving things I wanted to take to Goodwill and throw out when “coincidentally” the guys helping me said they needed or wanted everything I found! So they took those things from my car to theirs until we fit the tree.

At the register a few minutes later, the manager couldn’t find the item price in the computer. As a joke, I said, “Make sure you find the one with the single, working mom, crazy cat lady coupon.”

He finished at the register, handed me my receipt and I literally start to cry in the middle of the PetSupermarket.

The final price was only $81.00.

All of my blocks to abundance had been removed and I was in the perfect flow of the Universe — 7-foot cat tree and all.

Thank you, thank you, Universe — for blessing me every day in unending ways!

Featured image by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

Article photo courtesy of Christie Del Vesco

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Christie Del Vesco

Christie Del Vesco is a College Administrator and Professor, a Universalist Minister, a member of the RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network) Speakers Bureau and single mom. She's a survivor, a thriver, a seeker, a rebel and a teacher. Chris is a firm believer that we go through what we do, to help others when they go through the same. She also believes that we would all just be the change, we can change the world. You can find more of Chris' writings on Facebook, and more information on her courses, workshops, support groups and community offerings can be found here.

  1. This is a really phenomenal story. Happens to me often. So glad you shared. I really just loved it. I am at the time where Source tells me not to count my money or think I only have so much and to continue to live in abundance.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words of support, Brianna, and for joining me on this epic journey of blessings everyday in unending ways….YAY!!!! 💛☀️✨

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