By Ashley Cappelletty MIND RISE

The Ritual Abuse Of Unity Consciousness


Unity consciousness has to do with how we think and how we do so in ways that unite us to ourselves and other people. It specifically deals with our relationship to God and our relationship to others.

In nature, unity consciousness is a survival adaptation. We see it as groups of animals moving in unison towards something. It is most noticeable in migration/movement patterns of a group of species. For instance, in schools of fish moving in unison, riding the undertones of the ocean. Or in the movements/migration patterns of birds, reptiles, and many mammals.

What isn’t visible is how these patterns function or how they are triggered. It is obvious that these serve as a function for survival/thriving. Based on my research, there is a biological term for this phenomenon: emergence.

Creatures, cities, and storms self-organize with low-level rules that give rise to higher-level sophistication. Entirely new properties and behaviors “emerge” with no one directing and no one able to foresee the new knowledge of the constituents alone.

Based on quantum physics of electromagnetic fields, this is how collective consciousness can give rise to a greater and more elegant way of thinking. It is a natural example of how unity consciousness will emerge and can benefit humanity now.

Many indigenous groups have prophesied about this occurring: the merging of the Eagle and the Condor (Quiche), the merging of the Owl and Eagle (Celtic), and the merging of the black and white dragons (China). This is the merging of masculine and feminine consciousness on the planet, which is essentially the merging of the two poles of consciousness. All of this is connected to the electromagnetic fields in the Earth and in our bodies.

What keeps us from accessing this higher intelligence? Studies from the HeartMath Institute show that fear and not having heart coherence keep humans in a zombie-like traumatic state. The body becomes encapsulated and stuck in fear response: reactivity, feeling helpless, and dis-empowered. Consistent exposure causes addiction, disassociation, multiple personalities, escapism, varying degrees of depression, and isolation. The long-term side effects include suicide, manifestation of disease, and/or death. These individuals become the drones of energetic vampires.

These unconscious, unhealed shadow aspects of human consciousness have left all of humanity with 14 generations of epigenetic diseases and terrible coping mechanisms. Our ancestral legacies have left us on our knees as we struggle to find how to fix inter-generational trauma, genocide, ecological crises, and economic crises. Inherited family dysfunction and broken communities have left us trying to find some semblance of balance and new ways of functioning.

This has left much of humanity raw and filled with pain, leading the most vulnerable to deal with the consequences with little to no help.

Western culture is controlled by wolves preying on the weak in society. Those in power commit crimes against humanity: the people detained at the Mexican border, the beating of members of LGBTQ and other minority communities, governments encroaching on sacred land of the indigenous for the profit of corporations, people being forced into human trafficking, forced sexual servitude/slavery. All of which is perpetuated by various entities: dysfunctional family dynamics, addiction, religion/spirituality, various forms of media, escapism, and isolation.

The root cause is greed and fear. The greatest tool any perceived entity with power can do is incite fear in you. Being stuck in fear will keep you from ever reaching any of the emerging new gifts that are becoming available to humanity.

There are new tools and gifts available that result from having an electromagnetically coherent and peaceful consciousness. This is why it is morally imperative to move past being triggered 24/7. The journey ahead of humanity collectively is going to demand it. We are heading toward an evolution in humanity that will show emergent consciousness in humans.

Our current media infrastructure constantly bombards us with terrible news. I am a sensitive person so for me, this is heart-wrenching and empathically crippling. I shut the television off and stay away from media. It is really easy for sensitive people to let their energetic systems get energetically bogged down. Being in a constant state of fight or flight keeps your focus on simply surviving and in a constant state of hyper-vigilance.

There is a process to this new consciousness that requires clarity and divine alignment with God. The new consciousness requires a bit of training to work with. The training acts as a recalibration of how to function in this new consciousness.

For certain kinds of people, particularly those who have suffered from being manipulated and extreme trauma, unifying or even relating to other people has been traumatic and painful. Humans can be cruel and ruthless. Laying down all biases, filters, and past experiences is an absolute requirement for the new energy.

The training beyond this point requires an experienced and trained hand to help achieve coherent energetic fields. The emergent consciousness is biased toward benevolence, cooperation, and unity.

Ask your soul and you shall receive all the bounties that Divine Alignment brings in abundant synchronicities and teachers just right for you. You will bask in the healing balms of peace, love, freedom, and perfect knowing that your love is going to literally change the world over the course of the next 11 years.

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

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Moon Wisdom "The stronger and more unified the force of human presence is the more universal power can get behind it. Miracles happen when we believe in people. You must hold sacred ground in times like these. The old arguments of rationalising it away, won’t work. You must remain realistic and ever more attentive. While you fight together for these causes — clean water and basic human rights (among others) — you must you must you must continue to defend the sacred from within you. The principles of the 13 grandmothers will help guide you: Gratitude, Integrity, Wisdom, Balance, Family, Peace, Compassion, Diversity, Unity, Tenderness, Wonder, Justice, Co-Operation, Expression, Vision, beauty, Creativity." —Andrea Maxine Frade #moonsandstars #newmoonnovember #howlforyourlife Read more: 
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