When You Forget This Divine Truth, The Angels Will Whisper In The Winds


“Remember this. All of this,” the voice spoke to him.

“We have observed you lovingly always, seen your struggles, and your immense growth. Celebrated when we witnessed you stand your ground. Sent love when you felt defeated and confused.

You were never alone when you cried out in vain. We were always only a thought away. And when you forget this divine truth, the angels whispered in the winds. When the message of the winds met you, it was declared a sacred day.

For on that day — that very sacred day — was the moment you summoned the courage to reconnect with your inner child.

Galaxies far away felt a shift in consciousness. For a shift toward love is a gift to the Universe. And even without your own knowing, the blueprint of your interconnected divine was held in prestige. Uplifting energy was sent to support and guide you as a declaration of surrender was felt.”

Intuition whispered, “Go deeper than ever before.”

On that day, you truly went within. A journey we have been led to believe we go alone. Yet, if the truth is known, never has a child of the Universe ever ventured into what seems unknown alone.

You announced to your inner child, your inner sage: “I am here for you, dearest one. I am sorry I ever left you. I never meant to. From here on in, I will never leave you. I will always love you.”

That little boy, that little girl looked up with joyful tears, for it felt the soulful truth of your energy. It was an unspoken vow of energy that was gratefully received.

The Universe, not being one to stand on ceremony, did what the Universe does best. Sent angels swooping, as angels love to do. And swoop they did, from realms only unseen.

As they did, you heeded the guidance and communicated to your inner sage, “I’ve got your back forevermore. I will stand before you and shield you from any harm or adversity. I will confront fears with the power of love. I will laugh at and with life. And most of all, I will remember to play.”

As he looked around, she sensed several presences holding a high vibration. In his mind, the Universe winked a wink only the Universe could.

Before him appeared an angel, who preferred to remain anonymous. For angels serve without the need for recognition. To his left, another divine being manifested. Its souls’ signature being of pure energy. And to his right, three majestically stood behind like Egyptian Goddesses.

Your inner child, your adult self, and your higher self-merged as One. And as they united, the Universe guided angels to go beneath and above so that your passageway would be forever clear.

Your contract had ended and a new script was to be written. A mission lay before you. Not a mission for the faint of heart. But one of honor that will forever be in whatever life you choose to demonstrate love of the highest order.

You turned to the Universe with a questioning heart, “Why now? Why not earlier?  Why all the suffering?”

The Universe replied, “You had to know what love was not, to remember what its true purity is. Even though it is your most valued treasure and true essence, you had to forget for a time. For how could you demonstrate the immense power of love if you had not fallen and risen time and again? Now, you carry the baton of love as your right of passage. Everywhere you go, you will be welcomed and honored as the child of God you are.”

Old energies can no longer touch you. Love is not only on your side. It is of you. You have traveled the journey and arrived home.

The angels have always been with you, but now you know you walk with them, as them.

Your flame shall now light the way for others. For the path of reuniting with your soul is complete, and yet, in the same moment it is not, as your soul will always desire to evolve. Making the bond of One stronger than ever.

What once were enemies, now know you are an opponent that only the devil would be foolhardy to cross swords with. And even he would rather turn the other cheek.

For the one that no longer sees an enemy in themselves can no longer attract darkness.

For the darkness knows, one who has been lifted with love from the darkest of places throughout eternity can no longer be manipulated by the illusion of the shadowed way.

They can only love, as the angels do. And if darkness dares to cross their path again, its existence shall be short-lived. As one who vows to live the light and the way is beyond harm.

For they now know nothing is as it seems. And as taboo as it may seem, nothing really matters, for the awakened know it really is just a dream. An illusion that is destined to become dust.

Only stars shine forever. And shine you will. Namaste.

Photo by 小胖 车 on Unsplash

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Al Duncan


Al Duncan has manifested a romance with the Universe. He struggled with self-belief in his early life but was blessed to cross paths with a wise soul when he was thirteen and unknowingly embarked on a twenty-year spiritual apprenticeship. When life threw him a curve ball, he embarked on an incredible adventure gifting him abundance of Universal wealth, setting his self-beloved ablaze with passion. Prior to this, his meandering rollercoaster journey went from 1% motorcycle gangs, Greenpeace New Zealand, youth mentoring, and becoming a natural intuitive life coach. The guise of the prolific intrepid traveler gave him the courage of pursuing a dream of sharing his magic as a writer for the Universe. He speaks from the heart of experience with a depth that is soulful. He has recently released his first book, Becoming One with the Universe. It is still new to the world, however the souls it has connected have commented; "the content is full of love"; "a paradigm shifter"; "answers on every page"; "This book has offered the best cognitive enlightenment I've received from the universe yet". Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.

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    “This book offers the best cognitive Enlightenmemt, I have recieve from to the universe yet”

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