I Have Room Enough For You — I Open My Heart & Invite You In


(Inspired by Rumi’s poem, “The Guest House”)

Every tear
Be welcomed
Each denial and feeling of fear
You matter
Be welcomed
I open my heart
To you and eagerly
Invite you in
Anxiety, judgment,
Angst, and anger
Be welcomed
Panic, excuses,
Misery, and despair
Be welcomed
I understand each of you
In this moment
Rejecting you
Is not what I wish to do
I hold you
Enter my embrace
Be welcomed
I have room enough for you
You are not slipping through the cracks
And lies.
Come, and,
Be welcomed
You are apart of me
An armor I lay down
Love is what you need
I do not ask you to change
Or leave any longer
For grace is what I have
There is space enough for you
I know you exist
Be welcomed
I am your anchor

Photo by Luis Machado on Unsplash

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Aurora Winters

Aurora is a believer in story sharing as the binding source for humanity. She encourages connection to self and others through work and play. Aurora is a poet, writer, yoga instructor, trauma yoga facilitator, photographer, reiki practitioner, speaker, and dog mom. She has spent many years healing. Aurora wants to guide, support, and encourage others through their own healing. Stories can be told with our words and our bodies. All creation is art. She is a survivor of childhood sexual violence, her relationship with yoga gave her the resources to resurrect her primal biological blueprint for healing and trusting her body. She is always in process, advocating for others, and creating a non-profit project Origami Soul. You can connect with her on Instagram @origami.soul and by email at on Facebook or on her website.

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  2. I feel welcomed. Thank you.

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