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Dear Committed Spiritual Seeker, You’ve Done Your Work — Now, Rise Into Your Power


Committing to a path of spiritual seeking and healing offers many gifts, such as greater inner clarity; deeper contentment; compassion, love, and forgiveness for oneself and others; mental, physical, and emotional well-being; and of course, greater peace in a troubled world.

We are lucky that today, probably more than any other time in history, yoga and meditation classes, spiritual or energetic workshops, seminars, and retreats are easy to access. Not to mention the sheer volume of books, podcasts, and online classes that are right at our fingertips.

If you’re like me, you have a bookshelf, (or two or three) devoted to personal growth, inspiration, spiritual wisdom, and healing.

Also like me, you’ve probably sat at the feet (sometimes literally) of teachers, gurus, and experts. You regularly listen to inspirational podcasts, sign up for online webinars, and can rattle off your favorite teachers and books at a moment’s notice. You and I — we’re not merely dabblers in this world of spirituality and healing; we have committed to this path, and have been walking it for some time.

In some respects, we will forever be students on this path of growth and learning because, the way we seekers see it, this is a path with no end. There will always be more to discover on this tree of spirituality — another healing technique to try out, another training to investigate.

But no path — not even a spiritual one — continues on in only one direction forever. There is always a turning point in every story. And I believe that time is now. The world needs you back.

Wait! You say. You don’t want to turn back to the real world. That’s the world that caused your hurts in the first place! Too many falsehoods, traps, and disappointments await there.

While that is true, you are so much stronger now. You’ve collected tools in the spiritual world to help you discern, to remind you to love, to help you reflect. You have better and more mindful boundaries and emotional intelligence. In other words, you now carry the fruits of the spiritual world within you. You no longer need to go to it so often.

Still, a part of you wishes to stay a bit longer in the lightness and bliss of the magical worlds, to steep yourself a bit longer in some new spiritual technique or program. But don’t we know what happens to tea that steeps too long? For example, remember how in that last workshop you took, there was very little information that you didn’t already know, or couldn’t have discerned for yourself? There was nothing wrong with the workshop; you’ve simply outgrown your need for it. This kind of awareness is going to keep happening the longer you stay stepped, and you, like tea, will grow bitter.

Perhaps your argument is that you are waiting to be called back. That you’ll see a sign when the time is right to put your gifts to use and to claim your power and authority. Well, this is your sign. I’m calling you back.

Maybe you feel you need to pay more dues first. But let me assure you that you’ve paid your dues. I also assure you that no one is going to give you a turn if you don’t take it. That is just the way this world works. A person quietly and one-pointedly focused on personal inner growth and healing is a person to whom no one gives a second glance.

Occupied with her studies, immersed in healing, she is harmless. But once she comes back into the community fully armed with the tools of the spiritual world, she can offer these gifts as a teacher, a guide, a healer, a parent, a friend.

Your argument might boil down to simply feeling that you’re not wise enough yet to rise into your power. But that’s only because the wisdom you carry, the same wisdom that was once groundbreaking for you, sounds so commonsense to you now. I assure you it is still a gamechanger for many others. The only reason it sounds so simple to you is because you’ve embodied this wisdom, and once something is embodied, you wear it naturally.

In other words, you are wisdom embodied. And where does embodied wisdom most need to speak and live and work? In the spiritual world that already knows these things? Or in the rest of the world where it can make change and impact lives?

Come back into this messy world and share your gifts, your stories, your lessons, and your wisdom. There is no guarantee that you will not be hurt again (in fact, you will be), but who knows better than you where to go and how to embark on healing? You have the networks, the tools, the understanding. The spiritual world will always be there for you when you need it. You simply no longer need to take shelter there, nor do you need to wait for some new level of enlightenment, or stage of practice.

Like Simba in The Lion King returning to the Pride Lands after learning his lessons and developing his strength, there is a place for each of us to take up in this circle of life and until we do so, that space will remain empty. The world might try to fill the gap you leave behind, but no one can truly fill it but you.

Like with breath, there is a time to inhale wisdom, and a time to exhale it.

Like with life, there are cycles to our learning and growth.

Like with relationships, sometimes we receive, and other times, we give.

Maybe you are not all the way whole, or healed, or grounded. But who is? Besides, you are more whole, healed, and grounded than most people on this planet. Your opportunity to have studied and healed can now grant someone else’s opportunity to begin to do the same.

I’m here to ask you to trust that you’ve done your work. And to rise into your power for a world that very much needs you to come back.

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Keri’s first book, an inspirational memoir entitled Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness – A Memoir of New Beginnings will be published on Valentine’s Day, 2020. Her podcast, Awaken Your Power, is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and more. For more information on her work, please visit her website, and sign up for her newsletter, the Power Source.

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Keri Mangis

Keri Mangis, on the surface, might seem a gentle yet candid introvert. But peel back a layer and you'll uncover an inquisitive explorer of the internal and external realms. Peel back yet another layer and you might see a brave visionary pioneering her own brand of spiritual revolution. Keri has studied and/or taught yoga, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, energy work, aromatherapy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Tantra, Christianity, and other spiritual teachings and healing modalities that have sparked her endless curiosity. She is currently a freelance writer/speaker whose work has appeared in Elephant Journal, The Urban Howl, Essential Wellness, The Edge Magazine, The Good Men Project, The Sunlight Press, and Rebelle Society as well as on her own blog. Keri's first book, an inspirational memoir entitled Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness - A Memoir of New Beginnings will be published on Valentine's Day, 2020. Her podcast, Awaken Your Power, is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and more. For more information on her work, please visit her website, and sign up for her newsletter, the Power Source.

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