Accepting The Fate Of The Past, I Begin Again & Transform


Begin Again

I will begin again
Crawling slowly
And deliberately
From this cocoon
I’ve been a seed
To butterfly
And flower
In bloom
Smelling lilacs
As I happily dance
And flutter about
In the field of poppies
Raising my arms in joy
I become
The field
Blue skies
Everything is new
Releasing what once
Or could have been
Accepting the fate of the past
And daring
Ever so gently and bravely
On my own
To be
Everything infinite
And begin again

Photo by MAFFITI / Merily on Unsplash

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Aurora Winters

Aurora is a believer in story sharing as the binding source for humanity. She encourages connection to self and others through work and play. Aurora is a poet, writer, yoga instructor, trauma yoga facilitator, photographer, reiki practitioner, speaker, and dog mom. She has spent many years healing. Aurora wants to guide, support, and encourage others through their own healing. Stories can be told with our words and our bodies. All creation is art. She is a survivor of childhood sexual violence, her relationship with yoga gave her the resources to resurrect her primal biological blueprint for healing and trusting her body. She is always in process, advocating for others, and creating a non-profit project Origami Soul. You can connect with her on Instagram @origami.soul and by email at on Facebook or on her website.

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