By Rebecca Eschenroeder POETIC JUSTICE

Holding Space For The Pause


Breathing in, I expand in all directions.





I summit the highest peaks as I rise closer and closer to the Heavens.

I explore the deepest depths of the sacred ocean; receiving messages from the mystery in a language so much deeper than words.

The sun of my heart rises in glorious, luminous light as I am able to also celebrate its setting, knowing this cycle and my heartbeat continues on…

And I pause

Suspended in a place of timeless and infinite expansion. I know I will descend from the mountain as I will emerge from the sea. The East and the West will lovingly take turns with light once again.

But not yet.

Can you feel it? Can you taste it? Can you hear it? The grace note; the fourth part of the breath. This is where infinity resides.

Holding space for the pause

And I exhale…

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This poem was originally published on Great Abiding Yoga and is reprinted here with the permission of the author.

Photo by mai vu on Unsplash

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Rebecca Eschenroeder

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