If You Feel Alone Or Sad During This Holiday Season, This Is Why


The holiday season makes me sad.

I cry a lot.

I feel lost.

I don’t seem to connect with what those around me are doing: picking out gifts, sending love notes to their loved ones, writing resolutions for the New Year, and the list goes on.

I’m far away from my family at this time. But even when I was with my family during the holiday season, I felt especially alone. I cannot quite grasp why.

I don’t connect with this time at all.

I like the colors and the lights around me outdoors, but I cannot connect with the sense of a family.

Perhaps because family for me means heart-to-heart connection and presence rather than playing roles and celebrating only on the outside around a table filled with dishes.

Food is something I enjoyed when I was a kid during the holiday season but not anymore. Perhaps the best thing my parents knew was preparing lots of food as a substitute for the emotional food I so longed for my entire childhood and that I was never provided.

Not because my parents did not love me.

Now looking back with my grown-up lenses I see two people that were starving for love and that were deprived of love in their own childhood by their parents who were also starved for emotional food.

I may never be able to create a family in the traditional sense. Because that concept failed in my own family. It failed my parents and their parents.

It failed to generate a different family dynamic and paradigm in the heart-to-heart connections between each of us as humans coming together in this life to grow and evolve.

Doing all the crap we do as adults during the holiday season — I just don’t seem to connect with that.

My inner child feels sad and tearful.

My inner child screams of a different kind of nourishment.

My inner child craves depth, presence, and total attention, which she never received.

She received gifts, perhaps, and lots of candies and her favorite dishes — but she always ended up feeling sad and crying alone in her bed.

Now I see her.

I acknowledge her.

She was a deep child. She could not be fooled with superficial love and substituted love and affection.

She knew.

So on this holiday season, take time to connect with your inner child.

Take time to connect with your childhood, if you are feeling sad for some reason.

And instead of sending love notes or preparing dishes in the kitchen, invite your parents out for a hot coffee or tea and tell them about your childhood needs and how you craved love and attention. Do so without the need to blame them.

It’s not their fault really.

Do so with compassion for them.

Just have a deep, plain heart-to-heart conversation.

This season is to get closer to our lives and those who matter to us and heal old wounds.

This is why I feel so sad when this time comes and to me, it’s a wake-up call.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

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Ilda is a free spirit. She was born with an urge to taste life in all possible ways. She is learning to squeeze the juice out of every single moment even in the most challanging times. She is an artist, writer, poet, a beginner painter and a dancer. She is an advocate for all things and people with essence that want to make a difference and bring change in the world. Ilda is the author of one self-published book on Amazon titled It is You searching for You, a collection of poems and reflections for a life gone and the seach to build a new one. Ilda is working on her second book-project called "All the wrong men she loved" - a book for both women and men about the tides and ebbs of love relationships. You can find her on Instagram or Facebook.

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