Drop Out Of Suffering & Drop Into The Life Of Your Dreams

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The seeds you plant now are what you harvest and experience later.

What are you planting in your life and inside yourself? Seeds of doubt or seeds of truth?

How do we get to the truth inside when we are filled with so much garbage from the past?

Bit by bit, we strip it down to see who we are underneath it all.

Sometimes people don’t like what they see because the truth is, there’s a lot of self-hatred there underneath all that pain.

The parts we haven’t been willing to accept.

This is where we need to start because this is the vibration that’s carried forward in life and creates what we live from.

Drop out to drop in!

Drop out of the mind,
Drop into the heart.

Drop out of conditioning,
Drop into connection.

Drop out of comparison,
Drop into joy.

Drop out of TV,
Drop into movement.

What do you need to drop out of?
To drop into?

Drop out of excessive talking,
Drop into deeper listening.

Drop out of unconscious consumption of food and things that no longer serve you,
Drop into satisfaction and fulfillment.

We are really starving to connect with Spirit and Source energy. When this fills us we no longer need to fill the void with addiction and numb pain with pills, food, and sex. But often, religious conditions get in the way and reinforce separation consciousness.

The little girl or boy in you didn’t need to believe in a religion to be connected to the universe. We all were tapped in until someone around us made it wrong for us to be ourselves.

This is what we signed up for. To forget and then remember.

Forgetting who we are and bringing the energy of that child forward, in this adult experience and be him or her more fully.

Strip it all down, to rebuild your life from a foundation of truth and live that so fully you can’t help but shift everything in you and everything around you.

This is what life on purpose looks and feels like.

You being fully you from your heart and soul.

Curious to learn more, follow that curiosity that’s the inner you, and that wants to come out and play.

You so are worthy of the life your heart is calling you for. Not from the mind but from your heart. Not what we think we want, but one that our soul longs for.

This life often won’t make sense even to you at first, until you really dig in and realize this blueprint has been in you your whole life.

Our soul longs for healing, wholeness, and connection.

Our heart and soul longs for love. But this love is generated from the inside out.

This love is healing, this love is wholeness. This love is health and wellness. This love creates a life you dream of living but with action behind it.

This love is when you come home to yourself fully.

You are loved and so deserve to feel this to your core.

You matter and you are worth it.

Drop out of suffering,
And drop into the life of your dreams.

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

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At The Urban Howl, you won’t find any doors leading you away from your life. We’ll guide you deeper in. Another world is not only possible, it’s here. Around you and within you. It’s where the forest meets the city limits; where your dreams touch concrete. It’s where the light touches the enchanted forest; where your pulse meets infinity. It’s spiritual electricity. It’s wild imagination. It’s autonomous action. Get ready to embark on a path that will enliven your life, give personal meaning, and possibly save the world. Welcome to the frontline of the NEW magical paradigm . . . #youarethemagic



Angela Benck is an Integrative life Coach and Healer. She has been working in the field of consciousness and healing for nearly two decades. She can be found expanding and helping her clients shift out of every day into the life their hearts long and call for. She made a radical shift and left a comfortable life in pursuit of one of her dreams and hasn't looked back since. This spiritual Pilgrimage was the start of her walking out of her suffering into joy and this is why she is called to lead others in the pursuit of their dreams. With real actionable steps and learning to shift your energy in the Quantum field of consciousness. She can be found at her website or on Instagram.

  1. Thank you once again for your insightful message. Always wise. Always beautiful. Always right on time! Blessed be 💜🙏💜

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