Where Light Touches The Forest: Beyond The Maiden’s And Warrior’s ‘Love’ Story


On this Earth, its inhabitants are living in strange, chaotic days. Outside the gates of memory stands oblivion. Full chaos. One doesn’t know who he really is when he comes into this world. He or she is bound to a name and to a system they don’t recognize. Eventually, they learn to obey by falling into the arms of oblivion.

It seems like the time of wonder — full of philosophers and philosophy about life and people asking “Who am I?” and “What am I doing here?” — has suddenly vanished into the void streets of the society’s psyche.

Yet again, questioning one’s own existence has ended and given life to the era of social media and to low brain activity. And in my perception, this has only one reason — people choose to forget.

By turning back in time, to a time registered in our cells and in our spirits, when the warrior still remembered what is Sacred and what he was fighting for. In such times, the maiden knew she was connected to the Source, to the Great Goddess who gave birth to all there is. She had no doubts because doubt was standing outside the doors of knowing, together with oblivion.

The maiden, too, was fighting for the Sacred. And so she met the warrior. Together, they gave birth to a Love still registered in our cells and in the labyrinths of our psyche, asking to be revived again.

The warrior knew the maiden was the manifestation of Love of the Sacred Feminine flowing all over Earth and the whole Universe. He knew she had to be honored, protected, and listened to, because she was the door of sacred knowing. Her magick was to be respected and above all, the maiden was to be loved, so together they could rise again to the Heavens above.

The warrior knew of Love and the predator. He knew the maiden would enlighten him because her womb held all of Earth within. The maiden knew, too. She knew the warrior, they had met in other lives and dimensions before. She knew of his sacred strength bowing only the Gods and the Sacred within. She knew he had to be held, protected, guided to his mission, connected with the Gods and loved — loved to the point where the Moon meets the Sun while mating.

The maiden knew each spirit had his mission, his purpose, and of course, his Karma to follow. So their love matched their needs and their spirits and flowed through the Universe.

Between the story of the maiden and the warrior and the era we are living in, there lies a huge gap. By opening the doors of oblivion, the maiden forgot the Source and the warrior forgot her. He forgot what Love is and his sacred mission became history, together with the eyes of the maiden.

Many warriors and maidens meet nowadays on the void streets of their psyches. Many times, they fail to recognize each other, their needs, and Love’s needs. Numbed by the pain only oblivion knows how to bring, they dishonor each other. They don’t hold space, they don’t connect with the Gods, and they fail to see the predator feeding of them. Why?

I can’t tell why. In the place of Love, there lies abuse. In the place of music there lies chaos and where Love must reign, denial sits.

If I could make a painting out of it, the first one would be full of colors, picturing the maiden and warrior fully connected, honoring each other in the midst of the Great Forest. And the second one would be a black and white painting picturing a woman and man in a cubic room having their backs turned on to each other.

Forgetfulness brings more pain than remembering ever will. What can I say on behalf of it?

I have seen more warriors than I would like to, disconnected from the Truth. And lots of maidens with their sight loss. I have heard the maiden’s screams of help and touched the warrior’s iced heart.

The mirror has told me many, many truths. But I still sit with her and listen. I know of this, that every story that has ever happened on this Earth is in our veins because everything is connected…every story waits to repeat itself.

We are the maidens and the warriors who choose to forget. We are the ones getting out of our beds each new day, choosing oblivion or Truth. Choosing to awaken or suffer in the darkness one more night. Time isn’t forgiving and she comes for us every time.

And so, where light touches the forest, the maiden will meet the warrior and when their eyes meet, the doors of oblivion will shut down and Love will again enter Earth.

Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash

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Ina Gjata


Ina Gjata is a Moon lover, not yet graduated journalist, painter, life lover. Passionate about the wild feminine and wild creatures. She doesn’t do well with system rules, regulations and lies. A born rebel being, she believes real truth is inside us all and that writing is a piece of the great truth, meant to be told, and manifested. Connect with her on Facebook.

  1. Ceri Goode

    Your words are beautiful.
    I loved every sentence.
    Thank you sister for sharing your gifts.
    With Love Ceri x

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