By Ashley Cappelletty POETIC JUSTICE

My Hollow Heart Aches & No One Comforts My Aches


My hollow heart aches
Of haunting memories
Of a past that shattered me.
Of a person only I knew
Inside my womb, slowly it grew.
The outside world silently forbids
We talk of the dead and those we once loved.
As if the past doesn’t exist and the memories we have shouldn’t affect us.
I cry. No one comforts my aches.
No one wants to feel the intense pain of something they cannot understand.
Of a life you saw and once was part of you. Walking around day by day.
Do you know what it feels like to feel like a part of you is missing?
Like a phantom limb, my womb flashes visions.
Birthdays, hugs, kisses, and memories that will never be made.
A pure love, flushed down the toilet of my former life.
When the ache is too much to bear,
I cry oceans and drown in my pain.
Traversing island after island of pain.
No one can reach me.
No one can see me.
You will find me where the shadows meet the ocean. In the no man’s land of my heart. At the gravesite of a love I still feel missing. Burying skeletons of a past I cannot seem to let go of.

Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash

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"we are so powerful; we decide, whether our Earth will live or die, we’ve got to keep, the LOVE alive! did we even fathom,
our planet, a phantom,
so consumed with expansion,
forgot about atoms. well, particles of matter, could we be sadder, children forgetting about laughter, while wallets get fatter- and still, we cry in vain, look for others to blame, continue searching outside; someone or something, to vilify. separate from our own souls, hiding in our deep dark holes, fighting for world peace." —Aliza Gerritt og @alizagerritt #mindrise #holyfire #worldpeace #poeticjustice #howlforyourlife More here: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @thugunicorn @dharmaunicorn

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Ashley Cappelletty

I am a Shadow Walker who survived traveling through her own underworld. I am an Oracle that swims through oceanic realms to gather wisdom from the mermaids. I am an artist who creates the hidden subterranean imagery in my nocturnal cave of creation - the space where myth and symbol merge. I don't believe in reckless self destruction. I am effervescent with child like wonder. The Shadow is where our base metals become gold. My soul is lined with gold just like the Japanese pots that were once broken. Let me show you how to become a Stellar Alchemist.

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