Reclaim Your Howl, You Wonderful Brilliant Bold Witchy Woman


Reclaim your howl. How do I feel my power? How do I re-empower myself?

A dear girlfriend asked me, one normal Thursday night, in Facebook Messenger.

Damn. That’s a big question. How do I feel my power?

I’ve been feeling in my power and juice for a lot of this last year. From 2018 to 2019…I gave birth to a tiny human, he had to have two open heart surgeries and a pacemaker before he was six months old, I had a tumor removed, I got married — twice, to the same incredible man! — I bought a new home in a town I love, and oh yeah, I quit my corporate job after 15 years of being in HR and Recruiting.

I feel pretty damn in my power on the daily right now.

I’m a Leo Sun, Scorpio Rising, Pisces Moon.

I didn’t always feel empowered. I didn’t always trust my intuition. I had a lot of depressive swings and sad moments.

I think that’s what happens when you work in corporate America and live here, too, in these times. It isn’t what we were meant for. It can hurt our souls and make our hearts break. I had to use my time in corporate America as time at a spiritual dojo.

I trained myself over the last 5-10 years, to figure out ways through the stress, anxiety, and depression. I trained myself to lean back into my power and trust my intuition.

Yoga. Meditation. Mindfulness. Breath work.

And, too, more normal shit…like bingeing The Good Life on Netflix or watching uplifting TEDx videos or listening to amazing poets on Button Poetry or reading exceptional articles on The Urban Howl. Oh, yes. The content and writers of The Urban Howl have saved my life again and again.

Because when you’re frustrated and depressed and stressed out AF, you need to get out of yourself. You need to read stories of other people who have come through a dark night of the soul and gotten out alive.

You need outside help.

Maybe that’s a friend. A partner or a parent. Maybe it’s a therapist.

And it can also be tricks, tips, and tools you’ve crafted yourself. Your toolkit. Your toolkit is the best one there is for you.

When you’re feeling good, you need to craft a list of your toolkit contents, so that you have it when you don’t feel good.

When you feel dis-empowered, you need to start working on life changes so that you won’t land back in that dis-empowered space again.

How do I reclaim my howl?

Practice howling.

Howl at the moon. Dance under the stars. Write poetry and put it out into the universe. Practice, practice, practice.

This life is a practice, not a perfect. It simply requires showing up for life, again and again. There will be waves. But, when our boat has been tested in other waters and we’ve learned how to sail, we can best those waves again and again.

So go ahead and feel that dis-empowerment. Trust that this too shall pass. Read something inspirational. Talk to people who light you up. Start a regular practice of something — going outside for a walk, drinking your morning coffee and journaling, doing square breath techniques before your lunch break. Start somewhere and craft building blocks.

Soon enough, you’ll feel in your power again. Tap into that power. Carry it through your days, you wonderful brilliant bold witchy woman, you. You are so much more than you believe. You are amazing and you are needed. We need you in your full power, always.

Photo by Kayla Maurais on Unsplash

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Emily Otto


I'm a recovering corporate professional and former closet mystic. When you are completely stressed out, frustrated and craving purpose, you need someone who has been there and done then to walk you through it. I have been there and done that. It has been a long, twisty journey for me to figure out what I was craving, why I was stressed and in pain and what the fuck to do about it. My calling is to help illuminate your path and have you feeling sane, stable and connected. Find me at

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