Change Is Here & It’s Time For Us To Take Radical Responsibility

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“Make your ego porous. Will is of little importance, complaining is nothing, fame is nothing. Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke  

I am in awe at what I am witnessing.

Ever since I was little I would sense things, sometimes “see” things, sense changes before they happen. I often would have dreams or flashes of the future or past. Decades ago, I shared with my mom that this world would be changing. I didn’t have the knowledge, astrology, or details — I just knew. I told her that anything that does not support the planet would be no more. I knew certain systems and organizations would be no more. I didn’t know how this tremendous shift would take place, but now we are living it, witnessing it before our own eyes.

When I read current astrology about visions I have had in the past, tears flood from my eyes. How do you tell people the world is going to change, how do you tell people they need to change their ways. I have tried, no one will listen…until now.

I have had a few folks I have been able to share these things with, but anyone that can hear me needs to know.

Have no fear.

Change is here.

It’s time to take radical responsibility for our actions and behaviors, for our thoughts and our words, how we treat each other and the planet.

It’s time to heal ourselves and our families.

With our neighbors and all the “hoods.”

We are one human family.

My brother from Egypt, who passed on, came to me this morning. His last message to the world: “We are One.”

Not only those living in physical bodies, but we are One with the living spirit in all things, seen and unseen. Including this current virus.

It’s a part of all of us.

It’s a messenger.

From a metaphysical perspective, it’s touching the heart, the earth of the matter in all of us. We have taken for granted this gift of a planet, we have taken for granted our lives and our loved ones.

This is why it’s hitting our respiratory systems. Our lungs, that help us live and breathe life. Our lungs are centered around our heart energy center.

This virus is the great awakener.

May we give thanks.

May we forgive.

May we grieve.

May we purify.

May we cleanse.

May we restore.

May we realign in right relationship with nature and our true nature.

When we are connected to nature we are one with all.

Life is an eternal cycle of death and rebirth. The ancients taught us this, prophets taught us this, nature teaches us this.

May we continue to hold the vision for restoration of the planet and all its creatures. The road may be rocky, yet trust nature, she knows what is needed to heal.

May we follow her lead.

The season of spring represents rebirth, and that, my loves, is what is happening. Old ways need to die in order for the new ways to rise up like blossoms from the ground. May we rise to the occasion of the greatest shift on the planet of our time.

She will Rise. The Earth and her people are ascending into higher consciousness for all to live in peace.

May we not fight the old, but create the new.

This is what we are here to do.

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

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