Dream With Me, You Tender-Hearted Man

love tender man


Sweet man, your tender heart is a magnet to me. 

The way you cry when I cry, as if my tears are contagious — that is tenderness. 

The way you show up for all those who need your support, even the ones who’ve hurt you — that is tenderness.

The way you look into my eyes when we kiss, and I can let you in like I’ve never let in another man before — that is tenderness.

Your tender heart is a precious sparkling gem, and I understand why you try to protect it. You gave and gave in the name of love in the past, and your heart was shattered. Such pain would make anyone afraid to let down his guard and open his heart once again.

But I’m afraid, my tender-hearted man, that you have drawn me to you as the earth pulls the moon close with its gravity. You have plucked the innermost strings of my heart. I adore you, every playful, earthy, sometimes incomprehensible bit of you, and I know there is so much more to explore too, like a forest filled with interlocking trails and hidden treasures.

Shall I be a calm, abiding presence for you? As you wish, so may it be.

Shall I be a passionate volcano, erupting with fiery warmth and desire? As you wish, so may it be.

Shall I be a chalice, holding space for you to pour in your pain so that it can be held, seen, and by the grace of Goddess, released? As you wish, so may it be.

Bring me your hurt, and I will heal you. Bring me your wounds to kiss and to tend. I damn well want you to be messy, scared, and not yet who you wish you were. Let us step into each other’s arms just as we are. 

Dream with me, you tender-hearted man. Join me in this dream that anything is possible and that a union shaped by devotional love is watched over by angels. Such love could never be broken.

Be young with me, so innocent at love that we approach it with fruit and flower offerings instead of fear.

My needs are simple. Laugh with me. Hold me. Forgive me. Adore me. Meet me where the beach meets the waves in soft surrender.

Take my hand as if we were children running through a meadow together. Spring flowers are bursting from their beds, the fresh wind chases the heat of the sun through our hair. Delight waits for us outside, if we just take one frolicking leap. 

I smile and feel the waters of my heart lapping at its edges, telling me I will soon overflow, telling me it’s okay to gush forth. The very air around me loses its rigid gravity. 

My soul feels free to be the lover that it is, unabashed, and opening all of my borders to let love rule without rules.

I am an ocean of love, you tender-hearted man. You have only to jump overboard into this mystical enchantment, and my open arms will embrace you.

These arms are here to see you hurt no more.

If you want to have this dance with me, then come, let the music begin.

Photo by Justin Follis on Unsplash

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Katie Hart


Katie Hart is a priestess of the Deep Wild Feminine and an initiate of Tantric mystery teachings. Her travels have led her to sacred sites on Ireland's Beara Peninsula, where the mysteries of the stone circles swept her off her feet. She's been carried away ever since on the journey of re-awakening Goddess, the Wild Man of the Woods, and the Holy Beloved Within through moon ritual, women's circles, chanting and prayer. She lives in the mountains of southern Appalachia in a magical little town lost in time - and she wants to keep it that way. Connect with her at

  1. Katie this is part love letter part incantation. My there be a tender-hearted man for every woman who can receive him. Thank you for sharing your immense gifts! I miss you in our writing circle and treasure all that you have taught me about magic, writing, and the power of romance!


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