We Can’t Run Away From Our Own Heart And Soul


I see you in the mirror
Running away from fear
Eyes filling with terror
Attention seeks to wander.

You keep trying to flee
Your soul tries, itself to free
You keep resisting
Despite love reassuring.

Nothing I can say to you
Will make you change what you do
Condescending because you think you know
Everything that you need whilst on the trippy ego.

Deep inside you fester
A heart scratched so tender
Eyes shut so tight
Putting up a big fight.

I promise that I don’t want to hurt you
I’m not trying to achieve a breakthrough
I don’t know your pain
And from it I have nothing to gain.

Sometimes I wonder why I care
Especially when I am met by a hard stare
Defensive walls
Back off, back off, as repeating calls.

Feeling things before its owner feels
Looking at the subconscious, continuous reels
Sometimes I see it before you do
And I feel just as lost with knowing too.

If it hurt you that’s not what I meant to do
I speak because my mouth is moved when true
I hear from a different frequency
So I speak in different energy.

I show you the way to love unconditional
You turn away defensive and unemotional
Sometimes I think that wall is impenetrable
Am I just causing more trouble?

Run, run, run away and hide if you must
If your own heart you feel unable to trust
We can’t run away from our own heart and soul
Someday you will have no choice but to face that black hole.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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