I Am The Love, Joy & Abundance Of Connected Consciousness

love joy abundance connected conscious


I am love, joy, and abundance.

I am the love of a mother embracing her grown son, as he releases his past.

I am the fierce joy of a hummingbird, savoring each drop of nectar and sunlight that finds her.

I am the abundance of a thousand slow-moving rivers, gracefully meandering back to the creation of ALL, nourishing everything in their path.

I am the love of the sun warming the tender seedling, radiantly encouraging roots and leaves to spread and grow.

I am the joy of little wren, singing a song that echoes in the heart, a song so much bigger and braver than its tiny creator.

I am the abundance of the Earth as she pulls everything to her, never concerned that she will lose anything to the Cosmos.

I am the love of a child’s smile, the joy of creating Magic mud with soil and water, and the abundance of braids carelessly blowing in the wind.

I am the love of SHE who creates Magick, and the joy and abundance of transmuting darkness into light.

I am the love of a perfect summer day, dropping sun-kisses onto pink glowing cheeks.

I am the joy of an unplanned day, sending nothing but blessings on the wind; the abundance of all those who have whispered to the wind.

I am the love and beauty of Aphrodite, unapologetically swaying blossoming hips.

I am the joy of wishes sent to the moon, flying on dandelions, and the abundance of dreams that manifest.

To love is to BE the joyful miracle of life; the abundance of NOW.

Each moment is precious, with infinite possibilities to touch gentle fingertips to open hearts, to send rays of joy to rain-filled clouds and to sprinkle gold glitter on every intentioned thought.

I am the love of a heart sprung open with the green glowing knowledge of peace.

I am the joy sent out in the world, and the abundance of strings of wisdom forming webs of Creation.

I am the love, the joy, and the abundance of connected consciousness; the wisdom that I am YOU, YOU are ME, and WE are SHE.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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Stefanie Mossakowski

Stefanie Mossakowski is a Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Yoga Teacher, and LMSW. Through her own path of transformation, Stefanie chose to leave a conventional path as a Therapist working with trauma survivors, to return to her native path of intuition, creativity, and divine feminine healing. She created Green Venus Healing, to honor each woman's connection to their own healing potential and spiritual wisdom. She passionately believes in returning to the healing wisdom of Nature, energy, and Spirit; and dreams of a future world where love is revered as the ruling truth. She feels honored to be a student of Nature and life, and to share what she has learned in a way that honors the ancient wisdom of the feminine. She is a dreamer, healer, peacemaker, wanderer, seer, and fierce force of Nature; and encourages other women to discover their own unique gifts, truth. Connect on Facebook.

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