Thank You, Morning Glory, For Your Lessons In Duality

morning glory


Ms. Morning Glory, your reputation precedes you.

Vibrant shades reminding me of mystics and magic.

Lover of early mornings, offering ancient wisdom of beginnings and endings.

A perfect arrangement of heart-shaped leaves, open and embracing growth and abundance.

Open hearts giving way to a perfectly balanced Star, with all five elements perfectly aligned.

You are the Cosmos brought down to Earth to teach the magic of duality; beauty springing from chaotic limbs that unapologetically and relentlessly grow as they please, taking each opportunity around them to grow in their upward spiral. Always seeking to return to the Stars that bore you.

The duality of SHE; unmistakable splendor, daring anyone to taste your seeds which offer dizzying visions into the magic unknown.

Infinite gifts you offer to the winged ones, who buzz and flutter to taste your sweetness.

I have offered enough, you yawn, gently folding nightshade into peaceful slumber.

As the Spirit of Air caresses you with a shivering frigidity, you release your grasp, letting seeds of potential and summer worn limbs fall gracefully back into the nurturing of the great Mother.

She will embrace you in your death, and lovingly hold you until you are reborn from her nurturing darkness.

Rest, divine one, for SHE knows that destruction circles back into the spiral of Creation; cycles that only SHE knows, and the wise ones of old.

In patient anticipation, I wait for the next cycle to unfold.

Photo by skeeze from Pixabay 

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The She Book v.2 by Tanya Markul.

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Stefanie Mossakowski

Stefanie Mossakowski is a Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Yoga Teacher, and LMSW. Through her own path of transformation, Stefanie chose to leave a conventional path as a Therapist working with trauma survivors, to return to her native path of intuition, creativity, and divine feminine healing. She created Green Venus Healing, to honor each woman's connection to their own healing potential and spiritual wisdom. She passionately believes in returning to the healing wisdom of Nature, energy, and Spirit; and dreams of a future world where love is revered as the ruling truth. She feels honored to be a student of Nature and life, and to share what she has learned in a way that honors the ancient wisdom of the feminine. She is a dreamer, healer, peacemaker, wanderer, seer, and fierce force of Nature; and encourages other women to discover their own unique gifts, truth. Connect on Facebook.

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