Your Wisdom Is Begging To Be Acknowledged, Powerful One

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Your voice is rising. Your wisdom is begging to be acknowledged. Have you learned the lessons of power? Have you learned the lessons of truth — the higher truth, not the truth of the ego?

I have learned that power is gentle yet fierce, a force to be reckoned with. I have learned that power is found in the dark, a soul retrieval, a reconnection to the source of ALL; a gathering of power and wisdom, trust in unseen knowing that I am not alone but am connected to ALL. The truth that I am a manifestation of the energy of ALL.

All powerful, a silent stillness, a rise, a fall, a wise knowing, and a surrendering.

Force is no longer necessary. The river will take me where I am meant to go. Each experience is necessary, shattering illusions of who I am or what I am meant to become.

Separation before reconnection, a rebirth following the destruction of all.

Embracing the shadows of fear, rage, and sorrow; carving a new path for tomorrow.

A motherless child being embraced in her death, being lovingly laid to rest, dissolving into the Mother of ALL.

A soul silently witnessing herself give birth to Magic; something mystical, fashioned from dark ash and ancient marrow.

A soul seed bursting open in the embers of transmutation. A heart crumbling to ash, only to spring forth fertilized by something dark and lovely.

A light born from dark, a faith born from fear, a surrender to night vision and sensing in the dark; an unseen love lighting the first spark.

RISE, wild earth soul; it is time to mother yourself.

Instincts returning, night ally rebuilding, and power rising on a path of BEcoming.

Destruction, death, waiting, rebirth; the Magic of Nature and the soul’s rebirth.

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

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Stefanie Mossakowski

Stefanie Mossakowski is a Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Yoga Teacher, and LMSW. Through her own path of transformation, Stefanie chose to leave a conventional path as a Therapist working with trauma survivors, to return to her native path of intuition, creativity, and divine feminine healing. She created Green Venus Healing, to honor each woman's connection to their own healing potential and spiritual wisdom. She passionately believes in returning to the healing wisdom of Nature, energy, and Spirit; and dreams of a future world where love is revered as the ruling truth. She feels honored to be a student of Nature and life, and to share what she has learned in a way that honors the ancient wisdom of the feminine. She is a dreamer, healer, peacemaker, wanderer, seer, and fierce force of Nature; and encourages other women to discover their own unique gifts, truth. Connect on Facebook.

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