Solitary Witch, Brew Your Self-Love & Take Flight On Your Own

solitary witch


I made this brew on my own
I crafted it when I was alone
It was enough, I had all I could need.
But a longing grew, became a seed

Then, I met you on a changing wind
You overflowed my cup and then
You began to think I needed you,
To mix up a strong enough love to brew.

The winds changed again, as they often will,
You started to guess how I might feel,
You began to fear that I might fall
But read the runes, what’s writ on the wall.

Read the tea leaves or my hand
If you ever want to understand,
The lines in my hand will tell it true
I wanted but had no need of you.

I make this brew, I read the cards
I cast the spells, I watch the stars
I give my heart free reign to roam
Until it lands and finds a home,

But it can take flight once again
If home’s a place it can’t get in
And I’ll be here, mixing my brew
That never had the need of you.

So, take care and count the hours
But never underestimate my power
Or assume it comes from what you bring
I never needed anything.

But wanted, yes, a hand to hold
A home with a hearth to warm the cold
A love that’s stronger than the doubt
One that no darkness could drive out,

But I can take flight on my own
And brew the love I need alone.

Photo by Jose Martinez on Unsplash

Crystal is the author of the Heart of Madison series, a contemporary romance series that includes Left on Main & Right on Walton, as well as a poetry collection entitled My Words Are Whiskey. Order your copy today:

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends Right On Walton (Heart of Madison Series) by Crystal Jackson.

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Crystal Jackson

Crystal Jackson is a former family therapist who's evolved into a spinner of stories and dreamer of dreams. She writes across genres encompassing blog posts, poetry, short stories, children's books, and literary fiction. When she's not chasing around two wild and wonderful children, she's busy creating alchemy from words and feelings, constantly seeking ways to transform struggle into ecstatic beauty. When she's not writing or chasing children, you can find her practicing yoga, meditating, running, reading, advocating for feminism and social justice, plotting and planning adventures, or sitting in a blanket fort with her nose in a book. You can connect with Crystal on Facebook, Instagram or Patreon.

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