Author: Camilla Downs

Camilla is a mom to two, writer, poet, artist, and nature photographer. She is twenty years into a spiritual journey of releasing fears, releasing “the way it’s supposed to be done”, and awakening to her true self. Her first memoir, D iz for Different: One Woman's Journey to Acceptance,touches on her ten-year marriage and becoming a single parent to two kids, one with special needs. Her daughter, Lillian, has a chromosome abnormality called 18p-. Camilla's second published book, Biggest Little Photographer, co-authored with her twelve-year-old son, Thomas, is a collection of Thomas’ photographs taken during a 365 photo project. Her latest published book, Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories, is a collection of her sixteen-year-old daughter’s tales and legends written from age four to fifteen. Read more about it here. Connect with Camilla on Facebook or Instagram.