Author: Elisabeth Rooks

Elisabeth Rooks is a Holistic Family Life Coach dedicated to teaching people the art of self-awareness. She beliefs this is the key to turn hope into reality and lead harmonious lives. She is trained and experienced in a number of therapeutic approaches including Art Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness and Aroma Therapy. She is a qualified Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, integrates Vibrational Medicine into her practice and is currently furthering her professional skills through studies in mental health counselling. With her realistic, practical and positive approach to life, she has established a Holistic Life Coaching Practice based on the principles of positive psychology research including strength-based change, self-compassion, gratitude and resilience. Apart from passionately pursuing her life's work, Elisabeth is a writer, an editor and enjoys having confrontational conversations that ignite a spark to view life's craziness from a different perspective. You can connect wit her via Facebook and Instagram.