Author: Hagar Harpak

Hagar Harpak is a mama, a mover, a meditator, and a mythology lover. She's a philosophy geek, a kitchen witch, and a storyteller. She is fascinated with the body and loves learning about it. Hagar has been teaching yoga since 2005. She has spent tens of thousands of hours practicing, learning, and training with some of the most experienced yoga teachers on the globe. She has been a dedicated philosophy student since 2004. In her teaching she turns philosophical concepts into somatic experiences. Deeply immersed in the Goddess Tradition of South India, as well as an ever growing interest and exploration of goddess traditions from all parts of the world, her teaching creates a sacred space for ceremonial transformational work. She has taught classes, workshops and trainings both nationally and internationally. Since becoming a mama, she has scaled down her teaching schedule. Currently she offers private sessions and leads group ceremonies that celebrate the cycles of nature through movement, breath work, meditation, and contemplation. Hagar is currently working on her first book. She is also putting together an online program designed to help mamas spark inspiration, live with intention, feel empowered, and rediscover their creativity.