Author: Jemima House

Raised in a strictly religious family until the age of 17, Jemima has had a strong awareness of philosophy and spirituality for as long as she can remember. She has always been drawn toward the fundamental psychology of the human experience, what prevents us enjoying life and how all of this is expressed by and contained within the physical body. Ever deeper understanding about perception, communication and connection fascinate and drive her work. The notion that a pleasurable and meaningful life is everyone’s birth-right fuels an avid exploration of deep experiential learning, both in nature and with other humans. The knowledge gleaned from this curious way of being informs her writing and teaching of yoga as a way of living that encompasses consciousness, health, connection and creativity. A natural and prolific creative writer, she is also trained in Fine Art, Yoga, NLP and Hypnotherapy and well-versed in naturopathic nutrition, psychology and various traditional teachings that underpin wellness. Jemima creates spaces for truth and presence which are the precursors for deep healing and authentic connection. She has developed a unique form of restorative yoga that augments emotional, physical and mental strength by honouring the residue left from conditioning and life experience, so we might reduce suffering and live more fully. Her first book: Magic & Ordinariness: Modern Day Yoga Wisdom for Better Connections outlines how the eight-fold path of yoga can be applied to all aspects of modern living for more enjoyment, equanimity and peace. When the layers dissolve, our true nature is revealed, along with more creativity, pleasure and vitality. Currently involved in European yoga retreats, teaching yoga in education and charity sectors - with a special interest in supporting women to reclaim their agency, mentoring, coaching, mothering and writing – always, always writing. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.