Author: Kimberly Hunter

I am a modern Seer, Oracle, & Shaman. I spend my days guiding my 7 children with my Beloved, invoking my inner wild woman, and saving the world; one Heart at a time. I live my Truth in every moment; Remembering as I go, whilst exploring the fractals and chambers of my wild heart. Breaking to become. Shattering willingly. Embracing my Darkness, remembering the Light. I believe in the power of long hair flying, my shakti hip sway, all black clothes, ridiculously large earrings, and juicy lip gloss. My passions are: deep red wine, soul sex with my beloved, loving people exactly as they are, the sacred and mundane of my days, channeling my Muse, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, rebirthing from the Phoenix Fire, worshipping and howling at the moon, third eye to Grandmother Tree, forehead to the ground, and allowing the Medicine of our Mama Earth to guide me Home. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.