Author: Leila Sadeghee

Leila started her adult life in the bosom of the London art world in the 90’s. Moving to London at barely 19, she followed her passion to work with contemporary artists with characteristic strong intention, immersed herself in the international art scene, and got her degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art. By 1998 she was working with several cutting edge galleries when she woke up one morning and realised, out of the blue, that she needed to change her life. So began her life of meditation, yoga, and the healing arts that took her from studying Buddhism in India, to the Omega Institute where she studied with Pema Chodron, to New York City where she became the protege of visionary body therapist Yamuna Zake, to training as an energy healer, and ultimately becoming a teacher of yoga asana. She has been a practicing healer and teacher for nearly 15 years, and she underpins her continual evolution with deep study and mentorship with Tara Judelle, Sianna Sherman, the Tantric scholar and meditation teacher Paul Muller-Ortega, the master teacher Adyashanti, and the intuitive Holly Stars. Leila is a truly creative soul and a gifted healer who has a keen sense of life as a transformational process of empowerment. Her years of experience with the body lend her a bio-mechanical savvy that keeps it real and practical. She knows what it means to break down and to break through, so she is a skilled and supportive guide for people who want to use the practices of yoga and healing to create transformation at every level of life. Leila has worked with people from all walks of life and all ages. Her classes, courses, and trainings are focused on supporting people in awakening to the mystery of who they truly are so they can live a life of joy, freedom, and dedication to their own highest calling.