Author: Lindsay Carricarte-Jones

Lindsay Carricarte-Jones is a life re-definition coach, healer, writer, and all-around magical human being who is dedicated to showing you the path to freedom. Author of the must-read books, Fractured: A Hug Your Chaos Story of Healing: Healing From Addiction, Disease, & Illness Through Energy Work and The Chakras: A Real-Life, No Bullsh*t Guide to Healing Your Life. indsay is dedicated to helping others find and embrace their own messy and imperfect humanness because it was exactly that which fueled her years of darkness in addiction, depression, anxiety, and pain to the point of near death. As one half of Hug Your Chaos, Lindsay believes that the secret to happiness and all the world's problems can be found on the individual internal level through reconnection with ourselves first and that is what she is teaching over at HYC. She is a recovered drug addict, ex-perfectionist, cancer survivor, and former anxiety-struck empath who now lives free from these thanks to yoga, meditation, healing, Buddhism, and the self-work of Hugging Your Chaos.