Author: Marcy Stone

Following the tragic death of her youngest daughter, Marcy's world shattered, but she knew her Angel was watching over her helping her take that first step, and then the next. Her book, The Voice of an Angel shares how she found her way through her loss and how she continues to move forward. Marcy says, "Most people don't approach their grief until after the first year and I found that the first year is the most critical time to address the heart, while it is still numb." Marcy has been a certified and accomplished Intuitive Life Guide for over 15 years and holds advanced training certificates in several healing modalities (e.g. Certified International Yoga Instructor, Esthetician and Ordained Minister) in addition to having years of business leadership experience. Marcy is married to the man of her dreams and has two beautiful daughters, one that walks with her and one that watches over her. To learn more about Marcy Stone, click here.