Author: Maria Font

Maria Font is a life-hugging adventuress who runs untethered throughout the Earth. A warrioress with the soul of a poet, she is a fierce globe trotter, a lover, and a make-it-happener. She is a believer in the art of not wasting time! Maria is an advocate for finding what moves and shreds your soul and knows that there, and only there, is where the truest you lives. She is the creator of Aliveness Photography Sessions which in essence is you + your passion + her lens. She believes in magic because we are all a part of this inexplicable complex impalpable starry web of intricate connective astonishment. She believes that creating is part of our natural fiber and that we must use it like every other muscle. Maria believes that animals deserve the same dignified human rights that humans have. Heart + mind + needs = awesomeness, and we all share it, regardless of whether you have two feet, four paws, fins, wings or antennae. Follow Maria on Facebook and Instagram.