Author: Natalie Marie Shapiro

A woman of the earth, Natalie is a force of nature and spirit, combining her passion for human development, social-psychology, mystical exploration, embodiment, ceremony, and nature as tools for individual and collective transformation. As a guide and facilitator, she ushers women further onto the path of soul, holding the vision that as we come into a fuller and more healed relationship with ourselves, we step deeper into a restored and enriched relationship with the earth as a whole. For nearly a decade, Natalie has worked closely with women in immersive one-on-one and group settings, specializing in practices of embodiment, consciousness, yoga and meditation, ritual, and the great return home to Self. As a woman of ceremony, she calls on the intelligence of plant-medicine and nature-based practices as gateways into other ways of knowing and belonging – all of which seed into her offerings and guidance. She has studied extensively with Laura Larriva Page, diving into the territory of soul, feminine development, and leadership. The combinations of Natalie’s education, immersive work, and developmental experiences continue to feed and inspire her place in the world.