Author: Rebecca Foster

Rebecca Foster is an adventurous, cheeky and deeply curious soul. It was as a nurse that she first entered professionally into the field of healing, nurturing her love of helping others. Being a seeker of truth and ancient wisdom led her to practicing and studying yoga, which she now shares passionately to create connection in her community and to empower others in their healing journeys. She is a nature-loving woman and has been known to climb a mountain, swim stretches of ocean and take in the view of the Himalayan mountains upside down! She lives in rural New Zealand with her husband and three gorgeous children. Her happiest of times are spent with her family, by the sea, gazing at the moon, practicing yoga and meditation on the beach at dawn, listening to the beautiful New Zealand birdsong, reading, writing and playing. Writing has always been in her medicine box, and she has discovered her desire to share the poetry which her soul loves to speak.