Welcome & Manifesto

A Community Of Dreamers
For A New World Rising

Spreading Holy Fire, new magic, Earth power & More!
We're Older Than

Wake up to the magic of every day.

Our definition of Magic: the energy, soulful action, heart-led manifestation, sincere creation, illuminated prayer, and healing power, that does no harm, but serves, respects and honours the healing of the personal and collective good.

Our mission:
To Dream The World Awake

“Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it.
Action has magic, grace and power in it.”
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

At The Urban Howl, you won’t find any doors leading you away from your life. We’ll guide you deeper in.

Another world is not only possible, it’s here. Around you and within you.

It’s where the forest meets the city limits; where your dreams touch concrete. It’s where the light touches the enchanted forest; where your pulse meets infinity.

It’s spiritual electricity. It’s wild imagination. It’s autonomous action.

Get ready to embark on a path that will enliven your life, give personal meaning, and possibly save the world.

Welcome to the frontline of the NEW magical paradigm.  

Our manifesto, as it’s been transmitted and received:

I. We’re creators of a NEW world. 

As human beings—builders, seekers, thinkers, travellers and artists, we belong to a holy tribe. We are messengers of an ancient wisdom, telepaths for the present cosmic mission, and guardians of earth.

We are creative consciousness in the womb, evolving and waiting to be born.

II. We’re warriors not meant for war.

Here, power is for igniting imagination, inspiring courage, rewriting soulful purpose, birthing harmonious connection with earth, and recovering the ability to heal sacred, personal and collective wounds.

Here, strength is for empowering the singular stardusted mission of our dreams, for lighting up the path to our inner wild field of cosmic flowers.

We’re all latent with magic, an inherited treasure no one can take from us. And more than ever, it is being called to serve a quiet, holy and inner battle.

As we find freedom, the entire world sighs.

III. You are a manifestation of magic.

There is a creative force inhabiting your soul and every part of your sacred body. You were manifested into this mysterious world by an infinite energy, invoked by the vision of earth. You are a spark of cosmic wildfire and you are destined for great things.

There’s a pulse only you can feel, a language only you can understand, a kneeling ground that holds space just for you at the foot of life’s altar, where the collective prayer only you can answer is found.

When you courageously step towards your dreams, your courageous dreams step towards you.

IV. Life as dream.

You are both the dreamer and the dream. Your mind, the innocent gatekeeper and shower of boundary. Your mind, the confirmation of being human, kept just outside of, but an important piece of, a mysterious, incomprehensible cosmic manifestation.

Your heart, the unbound, unlimited imagination and transmitter of your soul. Your heart, the connection between what is earth-bound and otherworldly.

Your heart, the uninhibited artist of aliveness, healing and conjuring of magic.

V. Reclamation of our birthright is a matter of now.

You are not a stranger here, precious being. You’ve been reading its signs since your first breath. You’ve been dreaming its dreams since the womb.

This is our time, and there is much to be done. There is a new world rising. And it is here, within this one, and right now, we’re walking each other home.

We’re uniting under a current of love, compassion and wonder, and together, we’ll help each other remember the sacred language we’ve forgotten.

“To the wide-eyed, open-hearted dreamers.
To the brave, fire-breathing doers.
To our personal & collective story.
To a magical revolution.
To all the archetypes, the power & humanity.
To a new world rising.
To the old you dying.
To becoming wilder than dark.
To being greater than light.
We’re all winners in this battle called Life.”
~Tanya Markul


“This is a community that stands for magic that is real and kind and inclusive… with all sorts of cosmic creativity welcomed… and sparkles of badass optimism. It’s refreshing to find this kind of open, magical forum in the world. I feel a true community of soul that is uplifting in so many ways.”
~Deborah Quibell of Explore Pranic Healing

“I couldn’t be more excited to have found a ‘web’ home for my writing that feels so resonant and welcoming.”
~Laura Larriva of The Rhythm Way



  1. marinda louw

    at last! I am home? welcome home, to me, then.

  2. Brittany Belisle

    This is a beautiful and inspiring site to explore and learn from, thank you for all the magic that you share with this community through your wild and wise writings! Deep bow of gratitude and honor!

    • Tanya Markul

      Thank you, gorgeous being! What lovely & nourishing words! Nibbling them up right now! Grateful to have met you and to continue to walk with one another, even at a distance. Love. Love. XOXO

  3. Fern Parrington

    ………thank you for this wonderful mystical adventure. It is perfect timing, with the new moon creating a new era. It is time to dream a new world after the past happenings. There will be a lot of healing and vision for a brighter future. You are in cosmic alignment with universal order. I hope to be part of this …eerrrawaa…( translated wolf call) blessings

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